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National Evangelism With Sojourners (NEWS) is a mission of the Burleson Church of Christ, Burleson, Texas and serves under the direction of their eldership. We are commonly known as "Sojourners". Sojourners are mostly retired Christians who travel in RVs to locations throughout the United States and select locations in Canada. We are self-supporting and do not charge the entity receiving our services.

Our goal is evangelism as we work with congregations of the churches of Christ, children’s homes, church camps, Christian colleges and schools, Bible lectureships, and other entities associated with the churches of Christ. A significant part of our goal is to help these entities and members of the Lord’s church to grow spiritually.

Please contact NEWS for specific instructional program requests not listed.


Although it is understood that all Sojourns are spiritual in nature, some activities are specifically aimed at evangelistic and spiritual growth. Examples of some of the spiritual activities include:

  • Support for gospel meetings, vacation Bible schools and other activities to spread the gospel into communities
  • Congregational, home, and personal Bible studies
  • Church leadership training
  • Encouraging members and reaching out to those with spiritual challenges

Other activities, while still maintaining a spiritual emphasis are more identified as physical activities. These include:

  • Assisting with building projects
  • Helping repair existing facilities
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Sewing and other craft projects

Sojourners also offer a variety of instructional programs designed to assist congregations and individuals with day-to-day activities in the Lord’s Kingdom. Here are areas where instructional programs are available:

  • Personal evangelism
  • Congregational and individual spiritual growth
  • Enhancing communication within congregation or community
  • Bible class teacher training for all ages and levels
  • Singing workshops
  • Leadership development
  • Parenting seminars

National Evangelism with Sojourners

Our Location

5554 Cooks Road
Marshall, Texas 75670

Give Us A Call

(903) 935-5742